What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is the renewable energy contained in flowing water. Electricity generated using hydropower is known as hydroelectricity and is generally considered to be reliable, sustainable and green.

The Colly BrookWhat are the Benefits?

  • It can generate income through the Feed-in Tariffs.
  • It can be more predictable than other forms of renewable energy as outputs change gradually from day-to-day, as opposed to hour-by-hour.
  • The amount of electricity generated by hydropower across the seasons broadly matches the community’s energy demand. So in winter, when more energy is needed, river flows tend to be higher, potentially producing more power.
  • It has a much longer lifespan than other renewable energy sources so it will continue to produce electricity without the need for substantial maintenance costs and reinvestment.
  • It can act as a flood management mechanism as it can reduce the risk of communities flooding downstream by controlling the flow of the river and suppressing river surges.